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There are five organizational departments within the Talking Newspaper:

  • Technical
  • Editorial
  • Readers
  • Magazine
  • Registration

Volunteers belong to teams. Teams are on duty once a month or every four weeks.


The Technical Teams are responsible for the recording and duplicating of MP3 sticks on a Thursday evening when the news is recorded. Full training is given, it really is quite simple when you know how!!


Editorial teams meet on a Thursday afternoon between 1.30 and 4pm. They decide on the articles to be included in that week’s recording from the Wirral News and Wirral Globe newspapers.


The Readers meet on a Thursday evening for approximately two and a half hours to record the news; there are usually 4 readers, with a presenter, each taking turns to read an article.


The magazine is recorded early in the week, usually a Tuesday. There are four teams of Magazine Presenters and each team has a Technician to oversee the recording.


Returned recordings are received on a Wednesday by the Registrar’s Department. The previous week’s recordings are removed from the returned wallets and are checked in on computer. They are then prepared for new recordings and return to listeners. This takes approximately three hours – (tea, biscuits and chat included!)

Once the news has been recorded on a Thursday evening the Readers and Technical staff fill the wallets and put them in the post bags ready for collection by Royal Mail.

How much time is involved?

Volunteers commit to an afternoon or evening once a month although many belong to several teams. You are very welcome to apply to all sections if you would like to commit to more than one half day a month.

Who is in charge?

The Newspaper is run by Committee which meets approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. There are twelve members of the committee, some are voted in and some are co-opted. There are opportunities for volunteers to join the committee should they be interested. Please mention your interest to your Team Leader.

How do I sign up?

If you think you would like to become a volunteer please call the office on 0151 653 4787, and leave a voicemail stating which team(s) you are interested in joining, your name and a contact number. The appropriate team leader will get back to you.


This section is for current volunteers to access:

  • Rotas

  • Team leaders contact info

  • Any new information

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